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Sasquan, or this year’s Worldcon, the WORLD Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, was held in Spokane, Washington August 19-23, 2015. Bigfoot was their mascot. I got to sit on the Sasquatch panel on Saturday afternoon. While the infamous Patterson film clip was debunked, the possibility of Squatches among us remained an open question.

I also did a reading, had an autograph session, and sat on a couple of other panels. I partied and networked, settled on a title for my next book with my editor, and talked myself hoarse. I was also too busy to think about  taking pictures. Fortunately friends did. The new banner was taken by Bob Brown, my writing collaborator, while I danced in THE fountain along the river walk in Down Town Spokane.

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I’ve often said that you can judge the success of a con by the number of comatose bodies on Sunday morning. There were plenty.

And then I drove 7 hours home and slept for two weeks.


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