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Today I had to make a joyful and slightly sad trip 50 miles from home to pick up an inheritance.

I’ve known my friend Karyl for thirty-five years. I first met her through the local lacemakers guild. She made exquisite lace, mostly Russian tape lace. She also “Wrote” Russian Orthodox icons. Over the years she developed a shareware template and software to type the Cyrillic alphabet on a modern computer so she could maintain an extensive international correspondence with other iconographers. A wonderful lady and precious friend.

Thirty years ago I told her that if she every had to downsize her apartment, I wanted to buy the two Japanese dolls she purchased in Tokyo when she was a new bride living there with her US Navy sailor husband.

tall dolls sm

Here’s a detail of the faces.

wide dolls sm

Karyl is still alive, but now in assisted living in a tiny place without enough room for 70 years of international collecting. Her cousin is taking care of her things. Last week the cousin called to say she had the dolls that Karyl had set aside for me. My legacy from a dear friend.

I cried.

When I got the box home I found additional treasures

family dolls sm

And these

nesters sm

I cried again at Karyl’s generosity and the knowledge that she is very ill. I’m posting these photos as a living memorial to her.

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